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Redi-Pedi Introduces the Shoe Designed with a Pedi in Mind


Tired of lugging flip-flops to the nail salon or having her freshly polished toes smudge when putting her shoes back on post-pedicure, designer Jacqueline Mack (Segura) came up with an ingenious solution: a stylish, patented flat with a collapsible front and adjustable Velcro strap that enables the wearer to sport just one pair of shoes when getting a pedicure—no matter what they’re doing before or after hitting the salon. 

“I’d be the person who would get a pedicure and walk out with flip flops in a snowstorm,” says the designer with a laugh. “I was also tired of having my toes smudge if I wore regular shoes. I just thought, wouldn’t it be great if I had a pair of shoes that I could wear to get a pedicure and just keep on for the rest of the day?”

When she couldn’t find any that met her stylish standards, Jacqueline designed them herself.

Sleek, chic and versatile enough to go from work to weekend and beyond, Redi-Pedi is the first shoe designed with a pedi in mind. More than 10 years in the making, Redi-Pedi’s premier style, the Nan, is currently available in black water-resistant faux leather with a matching suede strap, plush magenta lining and comfortable padded insole for all-day wear.

Known for her work in the interior design field, where she worked with legendary decorators Mark Hampton and Bunny Williams, Jacqueline brought her traditional-modern aesthetic to the creation of Redi-Pedi, much to the delight of salon goers everywhere. 

After perfecting the prototype through a series of painstaking tweaks to strap length and toe box shape so that “there’s zero chance of smudging your toes,” Jacqueline was ready to share her chic creation with other women on the go, be they busy moms, yoga bunnies or working women who want to get a lunchtime pedi without having to waste time under the dryer.

Named for Jacqueline's beloved late mother—a homemaker who tirelessly championed her daughter's dreams and career aspirations—the Nan will be available in additional colors later this year.

Redi-Pedi. For perfectly polished toes on the go.